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Individual & Collective Development

Goal settings

Let’s draw together your future evolution

Individual coaching

Work focused on your personal needs

Learn to trust

Mastery of tools that build confidence

Advice & Follow-up

BYG LAB’ makes you benefit from its expertise and its network
Help you find the path to success with a true expert in your field
Perhaps you as well feel the need to see real changes in your game, but do not know how to get there.
The seasons come and go you just don’t see any evolution in your performance on the field. We have the solution you need. The BYG LAB is a program allowing you to revisit offensive fundamentals for both the male or female player. Focused on repetition to develop muscle memory, this program allows you to progress drastically in game play, speed of reaction and execution.
What is BYG LAB?

Individual or Personal development

Focused on individual development, Build Your Game is the ideal solution to give players a sense of detail, and better understanding of the attitudes and gestures that will lead them to both individual and collective performance.

Revisit Fundamentals

Beginning with a review of the fundamentals, this solution quickly evolves into actual match conditions. Through this program, we help players develop a set of qualities that allow them to achieve a strong offensive.

Optimization of the athlete's confidence

The goal of Build Your Game is to build, consolidate and optimize the player’s confidence. This program allows the athlete to become aware of his or her strengths.

Various solutions

Various solutions
The Program is physically translated into daily Workouts, Basketball camps where players will review dribbling, use of space, shoot and actions found in competition. 

We begin with reviewing the fundamentals. This stage is then quickly followed by working in match conditions. Through this program, we help players develop in the following areas.
Develop good habits
BYG LAB’ gives you the right training routines. By participating in our camps, workouts and other individual sessions, you take new benchmarks.
Sharpen his/her sight of the game
The BYG LAB’ program makes it possible to develop a speedy analysis of situations presented to the athlete. This particular skill facilitates better decision-making while playing.
Reactivity against opposition
The BYG LAB’ will quickly become the motor that will allow you to get rid of any defense.
Precision in execution
BYG LAB‘ gives you the sense of detail that allows you to make a difference. We will put at your disposal a unique panel of movements that will give you the advantage over your opponent.
Build Your Trust
Thanks to BYG LAB, the player develops confidence in his or herself leading to improved performance.

My Approach

Trust leads to performance. Based on this observation, my job is to provide tools that will allow players to express themselves in the field. The first goal is to control the ball so that the athlete feels good shot in hand. This mastery will quickly take him to move
as he wishes and this, whatever the defenses that are set against him. The learning process is based on the repetition of ranges, which evolve over time. The sooner the athlete embraces the techniques of dribbling, changes of direction or finishes, the sooner we work on the context in which he will use them to refine his reading and speed up his decision-making.

The female/male player will know the technical and physical transformations, find themselves in opposition and pushed back to their last retrenchment, so that the competition is only a formality. With the fruit of the work done, the athlete takes another dimension, earns the respect of his peers, and stands as an essential piece in the group.


trained close to the best

Boris Sinkoviç (Coach of Croatian national teams over 30 years)

Mike Montgomery (Golden State Warriors, NBA)

Larry Drew (Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA)

David Adkins(Washington Wizards, NBA)

Brenda Frese (Maryland University, NCAA)



NIKE CAMPS 1998, 1999, 2000
ELITE BASKET CAMPS Croatia (6 years)
“Génération Basket Camps”
(FFBB, 6 years)
“MORE THAN AN ATHLETE” with LeBron James (2018)
“AAU” USA (2006 to 2017)
Technical Director of Cormeilles (95)

Our values

Excellence: A sense of detail leading to Performance

Equality: Give everyone access to learning excellence

Altruism: Transmit and share on the court as sharing in life



BYG LAB’ camps are held on 5 day sessions during the summer or during all school holidays. The program takes place with sessions of 2 hours so 10 hours per week. The first ones of the summer 2019 will take place from June 28 to July 27 on the time slot 17-19h.
150 €


BYG LAB ‘launches the program “SHE CAN PLAY” an exclusively feminine niche where you will work your fundamentals like never before. From July 3 to 13 (every day), extensions possible after these dates.
You want to change the situation on the courtd, to score more and return transformed after having passed several caps? Do not wait any longer, sign up for “SHE CAN PLAY”.
150 €


Individual sessions are done with groups of 1 to 3 players. The focus is on the details, on a technical point of the game so as to solicit the concentration of the athlete. They are based on the availability of the athlete and the coach.
35 €
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